Thursday, February 28, 2008

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

High Scores

Here are some things you can win for high scores:

Kelpy Station:

Twinx Dream - A score of 13,680 earned us rainbow wallpaper and we can access the game from our “game room”.

A score of 17,069 got us the Twinx Dream Trophy (and the above when not already won).

Sprout's Blossom Boogie - A score of 2,970 earned a rare orchid and access from our game room.

A score of 3,750 earned a trophy (and the above if not already won).
Tiki's Bounce 'N Break - A score of 59,388 won it all; trophy, Chieftan's Throne, access from crib's game room, and insane high score award of a Tiki Guard
57,397 is also an insane high score and will get you a Tiki Guard.


Funk-Jongg - A score of 11,995 earned a trophy and access to the game from our game room. A score of 13,206 was an "insane high score" and won a vintage arcade machine.

Heart Hoopla - A score of 75,110 earned a trophy and the panda pinball machine.

Museum Mask Mayhem - A score of 211,800 won a trophy

Funkiki Island:

Webley's Fly Catcher - A score of 5,434 won a trophy and access from the game room. An "insane" high score of 7,381 in round 7 won The Spider Monkey (he's so cute!) and 120 coins.

Some "totally rad web moves" that were "very fly" won a web shooter.

Here are some more that were contributed by "wisteriatayu" on my main blog:

Trophies they have obtained and the scores:

Funk-jong 13,760

Get outta my stew 9,106

Fusion folley 678

Stitch stalker 8,296

Twinx 12,830, and Stellar pinball machine 26,159

Blossom 5,380

Hearts hoopla 64,540

Record rampage 22,875

Fly catcher 6,729

Vroom ball 900

Flurry Hectic half-pipe 12,131 and a high score of 20,553 won a pygmy yeti (aka a spider monkey)

Sol golf game score of 126 (54 shots to get through 18 holes)

Pearl Diver Trophy 26,079

If you have scores and things you've earned that you'd like to add to our list, please leave a comment or visit the FunkeyFanForum and post them:

Thanks! Please check back soon, there's always more to add about U.B. Funkeys!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Funkiki Island

Trouble loading Funkiki Island and getting Error messages?

Call Radica/Mattel Customer Relations at 1-800-803-9611. Their hours are 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Eastern time Monday - Friday, and 11:00 am- 5:00 pm on Saturday.

Here's a number for the U.K.: 441628500-000

The support folks are really great and they can walk you through it. They even gave me a follow-up call on a question I had to make sure it was resolved!!

You can also visit my main blog at if you'd like to read about some of my experiences with the error. My (very unofficial) tip is to back up your game files first if you are able.

Which Funkeys go to Funkiki Island?

Sol, Nibble, Webley, and Flurry

{When you connect one of these funkeys to your hub, it should trigger the updates to Terripinia. The previously broken portal (yellow that leads to Funkiki Island) will be fixed. I've written about some of the updates here: )

How do I get my Funkey clean?

There are washing stations all over Terrapinia after the updates for Funkiki Island. It can take 5 washes to get all clean. First the mud comes off, then the flies, then the "smell", then the dirt dust (like "pigpen" of the Peanuts!), then the dirty footprints.
(edit on 6/13/08: There has been a change with the washings as of the 3.0 update. Your Funkey will now come clean with just one washing!)

Some of the washing stations are in Funkeystown (dentist office near Funkiki Island portal, fish fountain on your way to the Kelpy Basin portal, and the perfume pansy near the Magma Gorge portal. And to get to Funkeystown Suds, take a right out of Grand Funkey Station ).

My favorite is in Kelpy Basin where the fish clean your Funkey.

How do I cross over the broken bridge, lava, pirnha, and go through the hidden cave?

Each of the 4 Funkeys earn something different after playing the games for a while that will help you get through those places that you couldn't before. After you can cross over (or go through), you will collect an orb and make your way up to the top of the volcano. You will be able to pass through the door to the Native's village. More on this later, but it's leading to a gift for the Pineapple King and then you can spend your coconuts at the coconut store. So shake those coconut trees every time you pass and start collecting them!

More to come later..............

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a U.B. Funkey?
U.B. is the hub, and the fun-loving creatures that link up to it are the Funkeys. It is a virtual world (similar to the Webkinz idea) where the Funkeys explore and play mini-games in different zones. They win coins for playing the games, and trophys and other items for high scores. The coins are used for purchasing items to decorate their "cribs".

Can more than one user share the U.B. hub?
Yes, up to 8 players can create login names, although only one player at time can play.

How do I avoid the henchmen?
A hoodwink will protect your coins from the henchmen. But if you don't have a hoodwink, if you have alot of coins and really need to avoid him, you can quit the game real quick! Or exit to your crib. However, sometimes he's still out there waiting. But I did find one time after I waited a while & came back, the coast was clear.

If he does get you......a little game will pop up and you'll get to play in order to keep as many coins as possible. This henchman game was new with the 2.8 update.

How I do get a hoodwink?
As your Funkey is exploring in one of the zones, you will come across a small spark-looking object. It starts as little bubbles coming out of the ground and then turns to a sparkle. Click on it and you will have a hoodwink.

Which Funkeys are Rare and Very Rare?
There is a book in the Terrapinia library located in Funkeystown that lists all the Funkeys. After you select one, you'll see them pictured in order of normal, rare, and very rare.

Here are some:

Lotus: Rare is red, Very Rare is light blue

Xener: Rare is red, Very Rare is black

Scratch: Rare is yellow, Very Rare is black

Boggle: Rare is tan, Very Rare is black

Vroom: Rare is green, Very Rare is black

Bones: Rare is red, Very Rare is white

Deuce: Rare is blue, Very Rare is gray

Twinx: Rare is blue, Very Rare is white

Sol: Rare is red, Very Rare is black

Flurry: Rare is green, Very Rare is Red

Wasabi: Rare is blue, Very Rare is white

Glub: Rare is white, Very Rare is black

Sprout: Rare is yellow, Very Rare is white

Tiki: Rare is olive green (although the images are yellow), Very Rare is gray/black

Fallout: Rare is green, Very Rare is white

Webley: Rare is blue, Very Rare is white

Stitch: Rare is tan, Very Rare is white

Nibble: Rare is black, Very Rare is white

Dot: Rare is yellow, Very Rare is green

Bandit: Rare is orange, Very Rare is green

Sprocket: Rare is brown, Very Rare is black

Drift: Rare is red, Very rare is black

Which Funkeys unlock each of the zones?

Magma Gorge: Wasabi, Stitch, Deuce, and Bones

Laputa Station: Vroom, Boggle, Xener, and Fallout

Kelpy Basin: Glub, Sprout, Tiki, and Twinx

Funkiki Island: Nibble, Flurry, Webley, and Sol

Funkeystown mini-games & mart: Lotus and Scratch

Coming in the future: Bandit, Drift, Sprocket, Dot

Where are the hidden surprises?

Well, they wouldn’t be surprises anymore if we tell you. But if you click on just about everything you pass while wandering in any zone of Terrapinia, you’ll find them. Also click on things sticking out of the ground, even the small white pieces in Magma Gorge. And the pieces of junk on the ground around Laputa Station.

Here's how you find the Hidden Alligator: After you buy a smelly pet bed, take it out of your stuff and put it in your crib. Then you go to the sewer grate on the far side of Funkeystown and click on the sewer grate to toss in a coin to make a wish! (note: this is another case when not finding what you are looking for at the mart, "Funkey's Best Friend" for this one, step out and right back in again to see a different selection)

What are some of the secret codes?

~ Get 50 extra coins by entering this code: iluvfunkeys345. Enter it under "options" in the main menu (the same screen where you choose "login"). The code comes from the U.B. Funkeys website under "Downloads/codes & tips"

~ sproutarboretum852 This came from the Pink hub starter kit from the store Limited TOO, and when you enter the code in "Options" at the main menu, you get 5 new wall hangings and 75 coins. You can do that for each of your logins.

What are some of the things I can win for a high score?

Please see this page High Scores

Please check back soon, there's always more to add about U.B. Funkeys!